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How It Works

Introduction to CryptoBulls

CryptoBulls is a GIVEAWAY sytem that allows every CryptoBulls Platinum members to GIFT UNLIMITED Platinum memberships to their referrals and an advertising solution that pays 100% commissions to its members.

CryptoBulls was created with the Crypto-enthusiast and advertisers in mind. Here everyone may Advertise their Business and participate in our Forced Matrix commission plan that offer the ability to earn up to 522,558 Litecoins plus unlimited 50% direct commissions starting with a small nominal spend of just only 0.02.

We have chosen to use LTC as a cryptocurrency base (But you can pay also with BTC, TRON or ETH) because of the reasonable cost and very low fees that allow anyone to spend low amounts without being harassed by the fee costs.


CryptoBulls Matrix System

Our main Commission System is based on a SINGLE 10 Levels Forced Matrix with base 2, which means that the first line of the matrix can have only 2 people in it that is, actually , the smallest number you can get in a Forced Matrix Plan.

It is important to know that our matrix is a COMPANY Forced matrix, this means that EVERYONE goes in the same matrix, allowing the happening of spillover and spillunder.

And being our Forced Matrix very narrow, with only a base of 2 people on each front line, the spillover effect may happen quite often!

Every Rank upgrade include an advertising package. You only earn from referrals of the same Ranks you are in.

Matrix System

The Road to 522,558 Litecoins

Why CryptoBulls is so Special and so much different from ANY other system?

First off our matrix is a COMPANY Forced matrix, this means that EVERYONE is positioned in the same matrix, allowing the happening of spillover and spillunder. This is important !

Then, although our system is made of 8 different Ranks, most of the members follow to upgrade Rank by Rank but they are basically the same members in each Rank. The sum of the earnings of all the Ranks in the Matrix is of 522,558 !

Our system make POSSIBLE to fill each matrix Rank. Many systems fail because they show BIG earning with HUGE Marices IMPOSSIBLE to fill!

There are several other factors that make CryptoBulls UNIQUE, please carry on reading..


Cashback System

Fear of losing your hard earned LTC on Rank Upgrades? ..No problems, you can get them back!

Among the many additional features of CryptoBulls , we have implemented a Cashback System.
With this system you can get back ALL the LTC that you have spent to upgrade

This feature make CryptoBulls a UNIQUE system where it is IMPOSSIBLE to lose money (LTC actually)..Here at CryptoBulls you can't go wrong!


Pay it Forward System

We have a Pay It Forward system in place too.

With this you can reward your best performing downlines by paying them acces to the Platinum Lifetime Membership and Shrimp Rank Matrix.

In order to use the PIF System, just visit the Referral page and follow the instructions on the page.

PIF System

CryptoBulls Extra Wallet

We want everyone to have the possibility of making money with us,
even the people that cannot afford to pay a small amount of LTC to Extend their membership.

These members may use our "Extra" section to receive small rewards in LTC by visiting sites. When they will have enough LTC to buy a Lifetime Platinum Membership themselves, they can do this through their Extra Wallet Litecoins.

All their Extra earning, along with the initial Registration Bonus are added to their Extra Wallet account.

The Extra Wallet account can be used ONLY to make a purchase on the CryptoBulls site and all the Litecoins on this account cannot be withdrawn.

On the "Extra" section there is also a link to our LTC Faucet, where anyone may get reward in LTC. In order to collect these rewards, members should register a separate account on the ExpressCrypto website.

Extra Wallet

Final Thought

Finally with our system you only need 2 Referrals to be succesful.
Here at CryptoBulls you'll soon understand the Power of 2 and why we think that 2 is really a magic number because Everyone in this world have al least 2 Friends.

Our Matrix is in Base 2, this means that 2 positions will Fill a level.
With 2 direct paid Referrals you are in profit!
Teach your 2 Referrals to teach their 2 Referrals and the Matrix will fill fast!
With 2 paid referrals you are allowed to access our Cashback System
With 2 paid referrals you are allowed to use the Pif System.

..2 Referrals will open you the doors for the Road to 522.528 Litecoins!

Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. If you can dream it, you can do it. Do it now, not tomorrow. Always continue the climb.

Final Thought

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Sea Creatures Ranking

While the term "whale" is widely used and the most popular, cryptocurrency communities have other animal names to describe cryptocurrency owners based on how much they have. For example, 'Plankton' (under 0.1 Bitcoin), 'Shrimps' (0.1-1 Bitcoin), 'Crabs' (1-10 Bitcoin), 'Fish' (10-50 Bitcoin), 'Octopuses' (50-100 Bitcoin), 'Dolphins' (100-500 Bitcoin). and 'Sharks' (500-1,000 Bitcoin). And as for the whales, there are the 'Regular Whales' (1,000-5,000 Bitcoin), and 'Blue Whales' or 'Humpbacks' (above 5,000 Bitcoin).
If you like you can read more here.

With the above classification in mind, we have created a similar classification system to represent the Earning ability of each of our Matrix Rank as you can see below.

The full list of Our Matrix Ranks can be found here

Rank Name Entry Cost Max earning
.:.' PLANKTON 0.00 No Access
SHRIMP 0.02 2.46
CRAB 0.04 4.092
OCTOPUS 0.08 8.184
FISH 0.16 16.368
DOLPHIN 0.32 32.736
SHARK 0.64 65.472
WHALE 1.28 130.944
HUMPBACK 2.56 261.888

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